wages-summer 2018 & how in 1971, the Republicans initially gave us “not made in america”

In the summer of 2018, the wages were reported to have a small increase; however, it has been so long since a wage increase has been noted, the inflation does eat up the increase. Also, there is no increase for women. This administration is not fighting for gender equalized wages.

Corporations are profit-driven and their agenda is to block the increase of wages and the health, safety and benefits of workers.

In 1971, the National Labor Relations Board, with mostly Republican appointees, won rulings in court and influence against unions to allow more out-sourcing, plant relocation, and plant closings. NAFTA was passed in 1992.

What this tells us, is that the Republicans are the ones who initially pushed for “NOT MADE IN AMERICA.” 

(1.) The definition of outsourcing, in this case, it that a business (with union representation) would have the ability to buy goods and products from foreign markets and from sub-contractors in the US, I believe.

(2.) The ability to make Plant relocations, meant that Company and Corporation managers/owners could move where they wanted to move to, to foreign soil, or wherever, even if the unions did not want it.

(3.) Plant closings allowed businesses, Companies, and Corporations to close anytime they wanted and to relocate wherever. Their options would be to: close completely; reopen a non-union plant or company on American soil; or to reopen/relocate to foreign lands. This could happen even if the union did not want this to happen. The court rulings supported this.

(4.) The consequence = the push for goods made in foreign countries; the loss of American jobs over the past 4-5 decades; many more products not made within the BIG 3 Automotive Plants nor in other Union Plants, all over our country; and the dwindling down of Americans covered by union contracts, to a fraction of what it used to be.

Domhoff or Gross cite the fact that the unions and other labor leaders tried, WITH GREAT EFFORT, to stop it and argued against these changes.

(5.) It is also described that the managers of the Companies told the union leaders, point-blank, that they (the unions) would, have absolutely no “say” in management decisions.

(6.) This is how the committees, later know as the Business Roundtable, came up with their studies, committee reports, and the HIRING OF ATTORNEYS to argue in front of the courts, to win the rulings, POSITIVELY against the unions, for (A) OUT-SOURCING, (B)  PLANT RELOCATIONS, AND (C) PLANT CLOSINGS.

The Business Roundtable, is an organization, that came about from these specific committees and study groups, to “overturn the original pro-union ruling on out-sourcing”. *1 *2

The Business Roundtable is a currently run organization, to this day. They assist the corporations around our country regarding policy issues and advise. Their main intention I believe is to influence the public regarding Big Business. I would say they are a disinformation agency, to make Corporations look better than they are.

This continues today as the corporations have power and influence.

One must remember that the cost of labor is likely the most important factor for a manufacturing plant and other types of companies to make their revenue. The union busting had to do with increasing their revenue at the expense of American jobs and by many other tactics. So, now all of the Trump supporters who support the Republican Trump, should know that he belongs to the party which pushed for severe union-busting and it continues today. Trump is a great supporter of Wall Street and the huge Corporations.

The managers, CEO’s, owners, and dividend-receivers all profited to an immense extent since then and now.  If some of these Supreme Court rulings could be over-turned with the appointment of more labor friendly Justices and with the argument of excellent, honest attorneys, there could be a shift.

It is crystal clear, that presidents who believe in fair labor practices, would need to be elected. With presidents who have that belief, the appointment of more fair-minded and constitutionally-minded Supreme Court Justices could be appointed.

Only after that happens could more jobs be safer in the USA. The main precedent that I think they would argue on are: the main tenets of the constitution and the huge National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (aka Wagner Act), which has been severely damaged by the Companies who hired the arguers (attorneys) that won horrible rulings for American workers.

I will continue this on another blog entitled “the Pursuit of Happiness”

I just glanced at the current website home page for the Business Roundtable. It looks very clean and squeaky, not noting anything about having a major hand and promotion of “not made in America”, back in the 1970’s.

Here is a quote from the website  home page “It requires action to increase opportunity and raise living standards.” *3

This sounds like a lie to me. Corporations like to keep the wages low, not raise the living standard. 

Their homepage lists some statistics. They proudly show 8 Billion is given to Charity and nearly 296 Billion Dividends distributed to Shareholders. This calculates out to 2.7% to Charity, 8 Billion out of 296 Billion . Maybe, they should have kept that a secret?  A tiny 2.7% for charity is a smidgen in my opinion.

I will continue these thoughts on another blog entitled, the Business Roundtable.


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