Wages: have they really increased, summer of 2018?

The wages of been reported to have a small increase; however, it has been so long since a wage increase has been noted, the inflation does eat up the increase. Also, there is no increase for women. This administration is not fighting for gender equalized wages.

Corporations are profit-driven and their agenda is to block the increase of wages and the health, safety and benefits of workers. In 1971, the National Labor Relations Board, with mostly Republican appointees, won rulings in court and influence against unions to allow more out-sourcing, plant relocation, and plant closings. See Domhoff. Who Rules America, 5th edition.

This continues today as the corporations have power and influence. The middle class needs to vote in more middle to represent them. Many in Congress come from the powerful corporations and therefore their decisions do not align with all of Americans. In fact, their decisions may be very detrimental to the majority of Americans. If we do not protect our interests, who will?