suggested platform of this political movement

The platform will be voted on by the members, by majority vote, 51% to pass. These points are just my suggestions and not set into stone. A coalition of many (somewhat) like-minded political parties, organizations, agencies, unions, and regular middle-class Americans will likely result in some narrowing of this platform.

It is proposed that this new party (movement) have a platform as follows:
1. Bring down the FEDERAL DEBT and the DEFICIT, substantially, over a period of 100 years minimally. My definition of substantial is 5% to 20%. The FEDERAL debt of our nation as of 2016, is 19 TRILLION PLUS, expected to be 20 TRILLION sometime soon in the future; therefore, a realistic reduction may be a very small one. I use the term “substantial” because, in my estimation, even a small reduction DOES help to reduce the debt substantially. 5 percent of 19 TRILLION equals 4.75 TRILLION.

The deficit was 469 billion, as of 2016 and will rise dramatically, almost double. Per the below citation, it is estimated for the year of 2019, it will be 980 BILLION based on an annual revenue of 3.422 TRILLION. I suggest that the deficit also be reduced by 5% to 20%.

Keeping the federal debt and deficit at a steady level is not an option for good fiscal sense and planning, I contend. Letting it and watching it rise and rise year after year, is idiotic. Note that congress enacted SEQUESTRATION to cut spending by 10 percent from 2013 to 2021. It is in force now.
2. The Congress and Supreme Court will have benefits, the same or similar to other federal employees. In times of recession or when austerity measures are deemed necessary, the congress and/or the president will legislate or by executive order issue pay cuts to themselves and to the Supreme Court. Since hiring freezes are not possible for the supreme court and congress, but the “work load” forced on the federal employees is allowed, the president/congress/supreme court will take pay cuts instead of just instituting hiring and pay freezes for federal employees, such as what Obama did in 2008 and what Trump did early in his presidency. If there are austerity measures to be taken, then they should be done for all in government. Governing with reason has to do with decisions addressing austerity for all not just for the subordinates of the higher officials. In addition, the current full pensions for congress after 5 years of service, eligible after retirement will be changed to what the federal employees receive. A federal employee must work a lot longer than 5 years before being eligible for a full pension.
3. Try not to borrow from other countries, in the future, to run our country. If borrowing is approved, it must be for essential areas, such as a war in progress or to recover from a bad recession.
4. Organize, plan, and detail the annual budget at least 4 – 6 months ahead of time.
5. Pass laws to decrease the money in politics. Make efforts to not allow any particular group with tons of money to control the decisions that Congress makes. Attempt to negate the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission (FEC) Supreme Court decision.
6. Plan and pass laws to discipline lawmakers who obstruct the legislative process, who do obstruct, solely, based on partisan, obstructive, hateful attitudes. I believe that our system of government has a systemic flaw which is allowing obstructive behavior on a continuous or regular basis. The evidence of  “out-of-control” obstruction is the excessiveness of it which has been measured by social scientists in recent years. The election of people from the middle class with more reasonable thought processes may help this flaw but I do believe that people who put “party’ first must be deterred and disciplined by other methods. The goal of all government employees should be helping the country, not helping just their political party. Some believe that the ballot box is the way to  solve this but when a highly elected official sits in their seat to vote, they do not always vote the way that they campaigned. Is that not true?
7. War and use of our military is to protect our citizens and our borders, as it is clarified in our constitution. The only exceptions would be protecting allies, humanitarian efforts, past presidential promises and entanglements, and to possibly kill a current day Hitler, such as Assad.
8. Pass laws to ensure that any USA nominee/president has passed a background investigation and/or security clearance.
9. Discuss a reasonable immigration policy and settle the parameters as a flexible partisan negotiation regarding immigration.
10. Pass laws that state that a president cannot pass secrets to enemy countries unless it is discussed and agreed to by intel agency directors.
11. Pass laws that a president nominee meets job requirements, other than the original “age of 35 and born in the USA” such as adding experience and/or educational requirements.
12. Pass more stringent financial disclosures for Congress.
13. Promote environmental law and practices to protect our land, water, air, and historical monuments and federal lands. There should be some balance between regulation and the need to create or make jobs.
14. Investigate if changing the law on term limits for senators and house of representatives may be the better way. I suggest a 3 term limit. It is suggested that the length of the term for a House of Representative be lengthened by at least a few years. Studies show that they spend so much time campaigning that they have little time to legislate. The current term is only 2 years.
15. I have heard that some foreigners who gain green cards (by being sponsored by US citizen relatives) and then gain US citizenship or are residents (and even after they move to foreign countries) are eligible to receive SSI. With green cards, they must return to the US every 6 months. This law needs to be changed. Only people who contribute to Social Security should be eligible or people who come from a few generations of American ancestors. This, obviously is one reason why Social Security and SSI are “under-water”. citations:
16. Enforce and investigate welfare fraud, disability fraud, and Medicaid fraud by doctors, at a greater rate than currently.
17. Promote the reduction of college tuition costs by such methods as asking for voluntary salary reduction from coaches, presidents, and vice-presidents employed at public universities. If voluntary reductions are not chosen by these individuals, then the laws (nationally and state-wide) will be promoted to hire people to the jobs for less pay, which can and may lead to less tuition costs for the students.
18. Possibly change the current system of lifetime appointments of Supreme Court Justices to an appointment of 8 years or some years less than lifetime. The reason for this is that giving justices that much power for so many years is probably not a good idea for several reasons: 1. Due to age, the stable mentality of an elderly person may change due to dementia or other reasons; 2. The president has a 2 term limit so why should a supreme court justice have a longer term of power than a president. There are a good number of Americans who are promoting changing lifetime appointments of Supreme Court Justices. A period of 12 years is one promotion.
19. Possibly promote and pass policy and laws that remove the election system from the internet in order to prevent any country from hacking into our election system. Also, do the same policy for other government records for the purpose of safety. The old-fashioned way of keeping records, even if it means locked vaults with 24 hour security is better than the hackable internet. I am sure some smart I. T. computer people can figure out a closed system with safer features combined with the old-fashioned way (i.e. pre-dating the onset of the internet). Granted, it will be more expensive.
20. Promote a living wage for all.
21. Pass laws to absolutely prohibit the insertion of “pork” into legislation, for politicians’ particular constituents.

22. Pass laws to absolutely prohibit gerrymandering, nation-wide.

23. Possibly drop the electoral college or modify the electoral college.

24. Ensure that infrastructure spending is just as important as other kinds of spending, such as spending for the military.

25. Possibly let other countries know that it is the US’s intention to be out of the foolish Nuclear Race within 100 years if possible.  There are modern countries that have no nuclear weapons. The US must take the lead. If the people of countries, like Russia, do not elect more peaceful presidents/congresses, with similar intentions, then Russia should be cut off by sanctions and other forms of ostracization even more than they are now (Nov. 2018).

26. More to be determined

2 thoughts on “suggested platform of this political movement

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words. Are you a follower of JillDennison’s blog? I think she is a retired teacher or someone from the education field, just like my mother. She has a lot of current updates on charters. I am hoping my book will be out in about 6 months. I need endorsements from any middle-class minded person. If you are interested I can send you several pages or just wait till it has a copyright. Please let me know. I was going to ask Oprah, Warren Buffet, or the mayor of my city for a possible endorsement. But now I rather think that because of the content, a few or more endorsements from regular middle class fellow Americans may be even better than famous or well-known people.

      p.s. I just clicked on your blog. I’ll read more later.
      p.s.s. any profit/revenue from my book will go the grassroots effort for the movement


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