news that h.u.d. has worsened its oversight of landlords under Ben Carson


It was on the television news today, Nov. 15th, 2018, that countless poor people, living in subsidized housing, are suffering with ceilings collapsed, mold, rats and mice, and other unlivable conditions. One resident in a large apartment complex, was a college student with a young daughter. She expressed that she felt so stuck and had no way or options to move elsewhere.

One of the HUD (Housing And Urban Development) managers who was interviewed stated that he had only 5 inspectors and that it was impossible to keep with what was needed to force landlords to do repairs or to cancel their contracts timely.

One landlord was paid 1.5 million in rent from tax payers’ dollars. The journalist filmed him and posed a few questions to him but he refused. He entered his car and left. The reporters stated that he had been contacted several times, prior, and he never would talk to them.

The statistics noted were that the Secretary of HUD Carson has not done a competent job. The health and safety inspections are delayed and landlords keep getting paid. 
The watchdog also found that work completed by HUD’s enforcement office dropped by 25 percent since 2016.

Secretary Carson has cut staff numbers.

Open Letter to Members of the U.S. Congress

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Dear Members of Congress …

Once again, I am compelled on behalf of the citizens of this nation to ask you to please do the jobs you swore to do when you took that oath of office and swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  I urge you to recall, if you will, that Donald Trump is not your employer … We The People are, in fact, your employers.  As such, we are very concerned when we hear Trump threaten to interfere with the business of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and most importantly, the Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s influence into our election process in 2016.

Never before in the history of this nation has there been such corruption as we have seen these past 19 months, not even during the Watergate scandal, which pales in comparison to Trumpgate.  If Donald Trump is allowed…

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Job numbers do not tell the whole story of middle class hardships

There are some who state that the increasing jobs and low numbers of unemployment are sign of prosperity; however studies show that the middle class have hardship in one or more sectors. Paying of medical bills is one sector that is a huge hardship. When the wages are stagnant or so tiny of an increase, the prosperity is not to be had for the middle class or the poor.  Another sector is housing.

Per The Center Economic and  Policy Research, de-unionization by labor management is standard practice. In 1980 there was a 20 percent union rate. It fell to 7 percent.

Another cited reason is the corporate control and plunder by executives and CEO’s. CEO pay for Fortune 500 companies now averages almost 300 times the pay of an average production worker. This report cites 4 main reasons why the middle class have rising economic hardship.

Really, libraries don’t need reinventing, thanks

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Two stories have made their way to me from around the internet lately. A few weeks ago it seemed everywhere I looked people were sharing the story of a small, “DIY” library in Brooklyn at a work sharing space. LitHub’s Phillip Pantuso speaks with a number of people, including Heather Topcik, director of the library at Bard, who gush that this is a revolution in serendipity where people can actually browse bookshelves. She actually says, “I think there’s some nostalgia there, because people don’t use libraries, unless you’re a student.” Maybe she should drive a couple of hours south and visit some of the NYPL branches Jim Dwyer visited for his piece in the New York Times a few years ago.

Pantuso goes on to say, “Digital classification has abetted the evolution of the library. In the past, a librarian would be tasked with deciding whether to shelve a book…

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