please donate for grassroots efforts


To help pay for self-publishing costs and for grass-roots efforts to start the new political party. Estimated date of publication is June of 2019. The name of the book is “Political Strategy for the U.S. Middle Class”. The subtitle is The goal of electing more middle class to high public office.

The self publisher will retain 20% of the sale of a print book and 10% of a sale of an e-file book. To keep printing books, more money will be needed. The contract includes about 10 print books. The contract does not include the cost of further editing, which is always needed. The company gives the author the choice to accomplish the further editing or for the author to do the editing without further cost, after the professional editors and writers delineate the needed changes. I am hoping that the cost of a print book will be under $11 and an e-file book under $5. The page number is about 70 pages in an 8.5″ by 11″ format. Paypal only accepts donations under the business category (for non-profit, designated as a political party) and with an I.R.S. issued e.i.n. (employer identification number) number which I have obtained to begin taking contributions. ***** More than money, volunteers and activists will be sought to help this political movement to gather strength. I will start a page for individuals to contact me (with resumes) if they are interested to help with running the blog and helping to get petition signatures to get the party approved in a state. All political parties must start in one state. In one state, these are the laws to start a political party “(i) The petition is signed by qualified electors (registered voters) equal in number to at least one per cent of the total vote for governor or nominees for presidential electors at the most recent election for such office. (ii) The petition is signed by not fewer than five hundred qualified electors from each of at least a minimum of one-half of the congressional districts in this state. If an odd number of congressional districts exists in this state, the number of districts that results from dividing the number of congressional districts by two shall be rounded up to the next whole number.” ******



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