Job numbers do not tell the whole story of middle class hardships

There are some who state that the increasing jobs and low numbers of unemployment are sign of prosperity; however studies show that the middle class have hardship in one or more sectors. Paying of medical bills is one sector that is a huge hardship. When the wages are stagnant or so tiny of an increase, the prosperity is not to be had for the middle class or the poor.  Another sector is housing.

Per The Center Economic and  Policy Research, de-unionization by labor management is standard practice. In 1980 there was a 20 percent union rate. It fell to 7 percent.

Another cited reason is the corporate control and plunder by executives and CEO’s. CEO pay for Fortune 500 companies now averages almost 300 times the pay of an average production worker. This article cites 4 main reasons why the middle class have rising economic hardship.

It is time for the middle class to recognize that unions are not the enemy. The corporations do not like unions because the wages are higher with unions. The benefits can stay steady with a union even when the wages are stagnant. If and when the middle class can recognize that the unions are on their side, then we can progress or at the least retain some rights and benefits. The rise of wages were due to the unions in many industries. If you do not believe that, then, you are not seeing what happened. Poor performance should not be protected by unions. Companies want to control all parts of the contract and that is the crux of the problem. A fair contract is a meeting of the minds.

Unions, also, must negotiate fair contracts. The protection of poor performers should not be in union contracts.

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