This blog is about my ideas to elect more qualified middle class

Thanks for joining me!

I believe that the way to affect change in our system is to cease electing mostly rich people to represent us. Rich people do not represent the middle class very well. The result in the USA is a high deficit and many poor decisions. The middle class has the numbers to affect change if we use our numbers to vote for people like us.

There is an expansive amount of non-fiction literature and writing by economists stating that power is intertwined with wealth. For the majority populace to have a democracy, then they should be represented in proportion to their numbers. In the USA congress, the people who hold office are 80% to 89% rich. It is time for the middle class to vote in more middle class and to step in to be candidates for office. It is even true, that the local offices, such as city council are represented by richer people.

According to Lipton, more than 50% of congress members are millionaires, as of about 2018.

I believe that that the democrats and the republicans are money and partisan oriented, and that a new movement is needed. Of course, the supreme court decision of 2010 (Citizens United vs. Federal Election commission) that allowed and allows a huge amount of money to be contributed to politicians by corporations and organizations — has made things worse. The middle class and poor individuals are being left out in the “cold” by big business and the wealthy.

I am seeking people to join me and to help start a new political party. A new party starts in a state and must have many people sign the application.


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