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This is a start of a new political movement in the USA. I believe that to affect change in congress, we the middle class needs to cease electing mostly rich people to represent us. They do not think the way middle class people do, on the whole. The country of the USA continues to have high deficits, wars they may not want to be involved in, the tuition rates at public universities are sky-high, etc.

We must make a concerted effort to vote for and bring candidates forward from the middle class. I think the best way to do this is with starting a new political party, specifically to elect qualified middle class individuals.

My book outlining these ideas, is in progress, and will be going to a literary agent in the next 12 months or so. Hopefully it will be published. If not, I do plan to self-publish.

I call on all fellow reasonably-minded people, democrats, republicans, independents, green party, libertarians, union members, and all other motivated Americans to help with this movement and this blog, which is started now to help gather activists who are interested.

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  1. Amen!!! I couldn’t agree more. People think that electing rich people means they’ll show us their secrets. Instead, they continue to line their own pockets, not ours….at least in recent times. In addition, we need to change the campaign finance laws so all viable candidates receive a certain amount of money and time on air…no more. At the present, only the rich can afford to run.. or those who accept financing from interested persons who expect a return payoff in terms of legislation. Shocking. Thanks for your movement.

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  2. I think that most of the voters who supported Trump were of this mind. They did not want a Nanny State telling them how to raise their children, what to tech them in school and a host of other items. Also, they are very much concerned about all of the freebies that some want without the consequences of how to pay for them. I believe that most working, middle class Americans do not ant to saddle their children and grandchildren with a debt that will never be paid off. So many of the new socialist Democrats want to give free college education, universal Medicare and other benefits without thinking about where the money is going to come from to pay for all of the freebies.

    America and even Sweden have been able to work because they are meritocracies. In Sweden the semi-socialist economy has been able to work because until the last decade or two it was a homogeneous society where everyone understood that the system worked because every one in it worked. There were no freeloaders. Now with an influx of refugees and immigrants who do not abide by the social contract that was among native Swedes, the system is approaching collapse. Swedes were willing to pay high taxes in the 50% range because they new that the system was benefiting them and they were getting a just return on investment: free university and other higher education, free medical care and other benefits. However, with a torrent of people now entering the country and wanting these benefits without having paid into the system the quality of these benefits is dropping. Soon the country will no longer be able to care for its inhabitants in the same way.

    Just beware the Jabberwocky. Unintended consequences of actions.


    1. I do not believe one can compare Sweden to the US. Blaming all problems on immigrants is an excuse. The reasons for a circumstance in society are not so simple. The reasons are almost always much more more complex than a glance will tell you. Sweden did not have a strong economy to begin with, with too many socialized, governmental businesses and few global trade agreements. Economists have said this about Scandinavia for years. A society more based on capitalist efforts, in history are more able to survive. The US thrived and grew with immigrants to where we are now. What do you think taxes are for? Just to make the politicians rich or to have the affordability of health care for the citizens?

      A nation needs healthy citizens to progress and work. Canada provides health care by removing the health insurance companies from the equation. Many nations with universal care have removed the health insurers. In 2014, the health insurance industry was the highest paid industry in the USA. CEO Hemsley of UnitedHealth made 66 million in one year, 2014. So much for CEO’s wanting to bring down costs? Canada regulates pharmacy and many Americans buy prescriptions from Canada, because they are too expensive here. Canada pays for it with personal (sales taxes, also) and business taxes. Free is not what is desired. Affordability is the goal. p.s. the debt is rising now under the current President.


      1. I live in Canada and can tell you that health care up here is not the utopian plan that you and others think. Most provinces are pretty good at taking care of life threatening and emergency events. However, there is a dearth of doctors. I know the situation in BC fairly well and in many locations from Vancouver to the smallest town you cannot find a family physician. You have to go to a walk-in clinic where you see a doctor who has no knowledge of your history or has a personal relationship with you. What that means is that if you have a long term illness, you are up the creek. People use the ER as their doctor. NOT GOOD, anywhere.

        People with a knowledge of BIG PHARMA understand the issue with prices to be something entirely different than what most believe. Many nations buy drugs through a central government purchasing. They in turn place large orders and can bargain the companies down. However, because the USA doen’t work this way and large private organizations do the buying they jack up the US prices to subsidize the foreign market. I agree that something needs to be done but is central government buying the best solution. Again, looking at Canada to see if they have a solution. All that I know is that not all of the drugs available to the world and especially in the USA are available in Canada. We had a friend who needed a pacemaker. He did his research and found that one brand had the highest rating and he wanted that unit put into his heart. BC did not use that brand. He flew to Rancho Mirage, CA and had it put in at Eisenhower Memorial Hospital. There is a multi tiered system in Canada. Those who can afford to travel to another country get their operations when they need them in a timely manner before their condition become dire. I think that this is true in all of the socialized medicine countries.

        What I wrote about earlier about Sweden is from a recent study. All socialized countries will fail soon because of at least one trend: an aging population. Japan and China are both looking at this time bomb as are the western European countries. Even the USA is slowly catching up to this statistic. Western civilizations and other countries that have become westernized have had fertility rates that do not allow for replacement of population, let alone growth. In many countries, China in particular, thought that having babies was a negative for whatever reasons. Now they are paying for their lack of replacement planning for their populations.

        I find it very interesting that nobody moves to, immigrates to or seeks to find long term refugee status in socialized countries. Nobody goes to Cuba or to Venezuela. In fact they flee from them.

        In the USA, we don’t need free education, we need lower cost education. We don’t need free medicare, we need affordable. There is “no such thing as a free lunch” you are going to pay for it one way or another. Beware of unointended consequences.


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