Welcome to this site!

This is a start of a new political movement in the USA. I believe that to affect change in congress, we the middle class needs to cease electing mostly rich people to represent us. They do not think the way middle class people do, on the whole. The country of the USA continues to have high deficits, wars they may not want to be involved in, the tuition rates at public universities are sky-high, etc.

We must make a concerted effort to vote for and bring candidates forward from the middle class. I think the best way to do this is with starting a new political party, specifically to elect qualified middle class individuals.

My book outlining these ideas, is in progress, and will be going to a literary agent in the next 12 months or so. Hopefully it will be published. If not, I do plan to self-publish.

I call on all fellow reasonably-minded people, democrats, republicans, independents, green party, and all other motivated Americans to help with this movement and this blog, which is started now to help gather activists who are interested.



2 thoughts on “welcome

  1. Amen!!! I couldn’t agree more. People think that electing rich people means they’ll show us their secrets. Instead, they continue to line their own pockets, not ours….at least in recent times. In addition, we need to change the campaign finance laws so all viable candidates receive a certain amount of money and time on air…no more. At the present, only the rich can afford to run.. or those who accept financing from interested persons who expect a return payoff in terms of legislation. Shocking. Thanks for your movement.

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